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KOCHI prefecture has just launched a new multilingual website"KOCHI FRESH" in order to

promote exports.                                                                                                                                                   

Kochi is one of Japan’s leading horticultural agriculture producers, harvesting high-quality citrus fruits and vegetables. The warm Kuroshio Current brings abundant seafood to the area. The clean, clear river which is exemplified by The Shimanto River know as "the last unspoiled river in Japan" contribute to the light, refined taste of Tosa sake.                                   

Kochi's produce has a high reputation, thanks to high safety standards and a commitment to eco-agriculture.     

KOCHI prefecture in Japan has just launched a new multilingual website "KOCHI FRESH"

Kochi Prefecture

CHOYA ORIGINAL SPARKLING is now available in NYC area


CHOYA is the No.1 Umeshu making company in the world launched a new product "CHOYA ORIGINAL SPARKLING",  and it finally became available in the East Coast area.


The perfect balance of sparkling wine and fruity ume make like citrus freshness and peach fragrance. Original sparkling cane be also mixed with other alcoholic beverages.


- Using selected grape wine for Ume sparkling taste

- 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume

- Wooden cork will boost the luxury mood


To meet the wishes of many customers, we developed Ume Sparkling in Germany!


They have sales offices around the world to help customers connect with Kochi’s excellent products.                                                                  

For more information about Kochi products and for business enquiries, please complete an enquiry form in website.