Hello. AGENT N PLUS is a marketing agency based in New York. 

Let us make your gem sparkle.

Moving to the U.S. in 1999, he launched his own apparel brand LOAD NEW YORK.

In 2002 he joined TREND POT NY, a renowned Japanese publisher in New York, as an advertising planner for their newspaper and magazine that caters to New Yorkers. For the next 15 years, he worked as an advertising strategist in the U.S. and Japan with private businesses and government agencies from around the globe.

In 2016 he founded his own sales marketing agency AGENT N PLUS to begin a new chapter.

Nori Shimizu

 清水 紀之


Sales Agent / Brand Strategist

1999年、自身のアパレルブランド「LOAD NEW YORK」



同時に、2002年からは、広告プランナーとして日本語無料紙、英語無料誌を発行する現地の日系企業「TREND POT NY」にも在籍。

そして、2016年3月、営業代行会社「AGENT N PLUS」を設立、新たな活動を開始。

We are a sales marketing agency that caters to businesses seeking to expand their markets to New York. Specializing in businesses and individuals from Japan and other Asian countries, we offer comprehensive marketing support to our clients from many different angles.

For the local business owners and purchasing directors in the variety of industries, we can present to you new products on the market as well as unique products and services from Japan and other Asian countries beyond to add to your product lineup.

If your business is struggling to increase sales despite having a fantastic product lineup or has a limited manpower for sales, contact us for a consultation. We will help your business increase revenue by refining your sales strategy.

Although we specialize in marketing, we don’t believe in just making more sales. We believe every product has it suitable owner, and it is our job to create a bridge between a seller and a buyer by researching the market, branding appropriately, hosting promotional events and advertising to a target audience.

We also incorporate different tactics and tool such as media outlets, websites, and social media to effectively deliver your marketing message to both the B-to-B and B-to-C markets.

In addition, using our service will cut your operation cost if your company is located outside of New York. Since our office is already here in New York, there is no need to rent an office space or hire new sales staff to start marketing in New York.

Especially the difference in labor cost can be significant. Instead of hiring full time staff members, you can choose to use our service for a specific duration of time as an outsourcing service. It will cut your labor cost dramatically and also eliminate any risks involved in hiring staff.

With our experience in marketing and the network we have in New York, we can help your business meet the sales target that you desire. “N + YOU = :)” is the keyword that will lead your business to success. 

こんにちは。ニューヨークの営業代行会社 AGENT N PLUS です。











時に、メディアパートナーとの連携や、自社のウェブサイト、SNSといったオンライン上での情報発信、拡散ツールなども駆使し、様々なアプローチを試みながら、お客様の大切な商品、サービスを「B to B」「B to C」の両ビジネスマーケットに向けて訴求いたします。





「 N + YOU = Smile 」これが、お客様のビジネスを成功に導くキーワードです。