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Karaage Chicken Debut!

日式炸鸡块 新推出!



• 追求真正饭店的质量!

• 为了更好的口感,更加松脆的外皮!

• 少量的黑胡椒与生姜,使其更加美味!

• 既可以作为主菜,也是下酒菜的好选择!

• 无味精添加剂,放进小孩便当里也很安心!

• 可用微波炉轻松做成!

Sriracha Chicken Gyoza




- A Proven Flavor Favorite 

• Made from Thai chili peppers, Sriracha

• Slightly sweet & tangy heat that fits well in a broad variety of foods!

• Perfect appetizer/snack for Game Day, Parties, Anytime

• Fully Cooked - just Heat & Serve, Non MSG Added!

• 使用正宗的泰式辣酱

• 稍许的甜酸与轻微辛辣的组合,可以与任何菜肴搭配!

• 作为派对美食,或是闲暇时的小吃都是完美!

• 只需加热便可享用的半成品!

• 无任何味精,请放心食用


Tender Fried Chicken Leg Meat 

• Authentic, “Restaurant Quality” Taste

• Savory Dark Meat - Lightly Breaded

• Tastes of Black Pepper & Ginger

• Perfect Size for Appetizers & Snacking

• NO MSG Added

‒ Better option for Kids and the Family